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Click here to see past slide shows

  Photos from Trading Spaces Workshop
Mount Laurel Library   March 23rd, 2004

bullet What's New?
bullet Vending Machine Fact Sheet
bullet Mount Laurel Library Tour and Program: To inquire about scheduling a tour or staff day at the Mount Laurel Library or a conference program please contact Kathy Schalk-Greene, Assistant Director, Mount Laurel Library.


This group has been created to further the goals of the project and help New Jersey libraries implement merchandising principles, as demonstrated at the Mount Laurel Library. For more information see: 



Supporting Resources (websites, suggested readings, etc.)


CLICK HERE for Resources from Dave Genesy's presentation at SJRLC May 2007 Membership meeting (audio, video, and powerpoint)

bullet Conference Presentations:
bullet Reinventing Your Small Library: Trading Spaces in Collingswood  NJLA Conference, April 28, 2009.
bullet Everyday Transformations to Maintain Merchandising Momentum at Your Library (PLA, March 25-29, 2008)
bullet Adding WOW! How to Transform a Library Like Yours in Nine Months With the Money You Have Now. (Virginia Beach Library System Staff Day, March 12, 2008)
bullet Adding WOW to Your Library: Trading Spaces Goes to School  (November 15, 2007 New Jersey Association of School Librarians Program)
bullet How to Transform a Library Like Yours... (AZLA, November, 2007)
bullet How to Transform a Library Like Yours... (NJASL, November, 2007)
bullet How to Transform a Library Like Yours... (TLA, April, 2007)
bullet How to Change the World in a Hurry with the Money You Have Right Now: Anatomy of a Successful Project (ALA, June, 2006)
bullet How Transform a Library Like Yours in Nine Months (PLA, March, 2006)
bullet Adding Wow to Your Library (ALA, June, 2005)
bullet Retail Reality Check  (NJLA, April, 2005)

bullet Powerpoint Presentations from original workshop
(It is recommended that you download to your pc)
bullet Dave Genesy's morning presentation (note: very large file)
bullet Mount Laurel's morning presentation (note: large file)
bullet Mount Laurel's afternoon presentation: "The Nuts and Bolts of Putting it Together"
(includes pricing information)
bullet Pictures from the Mount Laurel Library
bullet Flickr Set
bullet Interactive Map/Photos of Mount Laurel Library
bullet Slideshow of Mount Laurel Library (15 slides)
bullet Assorted thumbnailed "after" photos
bullet Fixtures and Accessories "What things cost and where we got them"

bullet Documentation ...see also Do it Yourself Toolkit
bullet Taking Walkabouts:  Adding Merchandising to the Morning Briefing
bullet Walkabout Notes
bullet Merchandising Tip Sheets
bullet Vending Machine Fact Sheet
bullet Impact on Circulation
bullet Trading Spaces Final Report Available  Did you know that Mount Laurel's circulation is up more than 40%?  Did you know that more than 90% of attendees surveyed have created temporary displays or improved/added new signage -- or are in planning /  process / consideration to make those changes as a result of the project?  And that's just the beginning...
bullet Staff "Talking Points"
bullet Greeter Training and documentation
bullet Signage:"Look for changes"
bullet Signage: Shelves
bullet What's New Map
bullet Customer Feedback Collected at the 1st Anniversary Celebration (4/6/05)
bullet Staff Updates
bullet Walk Through Notes
bullet Contact Information
bullet Kathy Schalk-Greene, Director, Mount Laurel Library
bullet Dave Genesy, Director, Redwood City Public Library
bullet Karen Hyman, Executive Director, South Jersey Regional Library Cooperative (SJRLC)
bullet Peter Bromberg, Assistant Director, SJRLC

This website will be continually updated with links to suggested resources, upcoming workshops and classes, and more. 
If you have a suggestion or a correction email Peter Bromberg @

NOTE: Cooperative Services are now being managed by Infolink.  Please contact them with questions or requests for service.

It has been a sincere pleasure serving you!

If you need to contact us regarding SJRLC business after 8/27/10 please call 856-575-1390 or email Karen Hyman at
or Peter Bromberg at

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