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GALCO is now being managed by the New Jersey State Library
Please see their GALCO Page for more information

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Breaking News

GALCO is now being managed by the New Jersey State Library
Please see their GALCO Page for more information

Survey of GALCO experience:

Thank you to those of you who have already responded to the survey. While we've heard from some of you, it is essential that we get feedback from all of the participating libraries.

As you know, we're preparing to hand the Get a Library Card Online Project over to the State Library with an eye on expanding the project statewide.  We have statistics on use of the service at participating libraries.  From informal feedback we have heard that this was easy to do and worked out great.

Before the handover, we want to have a more complete picture of what has worked - and not worked - in implementing online library card applications at your library.

Please take a few minutes to complete this short survey and share your feedback with us at:

Library Cards Online Mentioned at OCLC Symposium: 
click here for brief (1:15) clip (choose 'open' if prompted)

Jennifer Rice, of Mantra Brand Consulting, was a featured panelist at OCLC's MidWinter Symposium, "Extreme Makeover: Library Edition."   During her 30 minute presentation she twice touched on the importance of library's offering cards online.

CLICK HERE To listen to or view Jennifer's complete presentation, or the complete symposium (which included thoughtful presentations by Omar Wasow, Antony Brewerton and Patricia Martin

GALCO Participant Survey now online

The GALCO participating library survey is now up at:

Ready to go live tomorrow (Wed, 10/12)

Well, the day has come. We are ready to go live with the GALCO project tomorrow morning. Auto-Graphics will add the GALCO banner ad to the JerseyClicks homepage and JerseyClicks login page tomorrow.

GALCO banners are available for your website at:
The banners should be linked to:

Complete project documentation is available at Please let me know if I can answer any questions or provide any support as we launch the service.

Thank you once again for your participation, feedback and patience.


Subject: GALCO: Delayed go live date

It has just come to our attention that our principal contact at Auto-Graphics, and the only person who can make changes to the GALCO system, is leaving for a three week vacation in Europe on Monday.

Under those circumstances we believe that it would be best to delay the start of the project until after his return. We are now currently anticipating a start date of Wednesday, October 12.

This will give you time to develop and refine your procedures for processing card applications, and give your staff more time to become comfortable with the system.

For those of you who were raring to go we really apologize for the delay. Going live with no support however, doesn't seem like a viable choice.



A question came up about whether or not your staff can be automatically notified every time a customer applies for a card.

Indeed, the GALCO System will generate email to your library every time someone applies for a card. I'm attaching a screen shot for illustrative purposes. These instructions will be reflected in the final documentation.

This information will be added to the GALCO webpage at:

Please send any questions, comments or feedback to yours truly. Thanks everyone,



The GALCO System is now functioning.  We envision these next steps/timeline to going live:

  1. Between now and Sept 20th, you and your staff can familiarize yourselves with the GALCO system. 

    1. Your logins and passwords are available at:

    2. The User Guide and Manual are available at:

    3. The URL for Admin login is:

    4. The URL for Customer login is:

  2. Send any feedback, suggestions or concerns about the system to Peter Bromberg at

  3. Feedback will be shared with AG and changes/adjustments will be made to GALCO system as needed.

  4. We would like go live to the public on September 21st.  How does that sound to you?

  5. Just prior to going live, libraries can post GALCO banner ads on their homepage and other appropriate areas of their website.  Banner ads will also be placed on the JerseyClicks website.   Banner ads are available at:

A copy of this email and all related links and documentation are available on the GALCO project page at:   Thank you all again for your participation and patience with the development process.

- Peter Bromberg, Program Coordinator, SJRLC