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A note from Mi-Sun Lyu, Infolink regarding Delivery Label Generator Use

Please know that member libraries eligible for Velocity delivery service may continue to use the current delivery label generator hosted at SJRLC, thanks to the courtesy of SJRLC:  (This link is also listed on INFOLINK’s Delivery Service page at:

The database for the label generator may not be updated and/or modified until the merged regional library cooperative has its new name and its website is launched in Fall. 

To ensure correct delivery,  check the delivery lists for up-to-date delivery data. Delivery lists can be found at:  

If you need to update/change your library’s delivery information, please contact INFOLINK at 732-752-7720 or email Carol Fishwick ( ).

It has been a sincere pleasure serving you!

You may also use directory and blank labels at:

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