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Adding Video Content

A number of participating libraries have expressed an interest in adding video content to our collection of audiobooks and (recently added) eBooks.  We need your help and feedback in deciding:

  1. Whether or not to add video content to our collection
  2. If we do add video, how should we proceed? (how many titles? which titles? how much to spend? how to finance? etc.) 
THREE THINGS YOU CAN DO TO HELP  Please help us figure out how to proceed with video content by taking these three easy steps:
  1. Test Drive some Video:  Use the Demo site (instructions below) and see how you like it.
  2. Review and evaluate the title lists and publisher information (below). 
  3. Complete this short survey. by February 20th.

Demo Site

Overdrive has set up a demo site for us.  We can use it to download video titles (and other formats) until March 1st.  Login information is:

  • URL: 
  • Login: mydlib.midas.sjrlc
  • Password: sjrlc
  • Checkout:   When it comes time to actually check out an item, you will be prompted for a barcode and pin.  Use any ten digits as a barcode and leave PIN field blank.  Overdrive suggests using your area code and phone number which is easy to remember and won't be duplicated by other users.
Title/Publisher Lists:  

Overdrive offers over 4200 video titles.  A few of these publishers (PBS, A&E, Image Ent.) only allow titles to be purchased as bundled "Maximum Access" packages.  That information, along with prices are available on the publishers list.

  1. Video Publishers with avg. price and # of titles
  2. Master List of video titles
  3. A&E Television
  4. Image Entertainment
  5. PBS Video

Note: The least expensive Maximum Access package is the 50 title A&E package at $5625.  The popular PBS video package would cost a minimum of $7300.  Choosing to add maximum access titles would therefore mean a change of focus for the consortium in 2009, and a possible increase in cost to support video.


We'll be in touch with you by the end of the month to discuss the results of the survey and possible next steps regarding video content.  Thank you!



NOTE: Cooperative Services are now being managed by Infolink.  Please contact them with questions or requests for service.

It has been a sincere pleasure serving you!

If you need to contact us regarding SJRLC business after 8/27/10 please call 856-575-1390 or email Karen Hyman at
or Peter Bromberg at

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