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Getting the Most from EbscoHost


The South Jersey Regional Library Cooperative is pleased to facilitate and join with the New Jersey State Library in subsidizing your Library's access to the online service EBSCOhost from July 1, 2003 to June 30, 2004. 

This page explains how to access any of the EBSCO databases your library ordered through SJRLC. You'll also find instructions for using EBSCOadmin, which allows you to customize your account and generate statistics.

EBSCOHOST Access Instructions

Using WEB interface based on IP address or User Name and Password.

  • If you have already provided this information to us, simply proceed to the address:
  • Registered IP users will be automatically allowed access.
  • If you are prompted for a User Name and Password, or if you want to set up IP authenticated access, please call the SJRLC office.

EBSCO also provides various other methods of authentication. One of the benefits of your EBSCOhost subscription is the ability to offer remote access to your EBSCOhost account. Users will be able to access EBSCOhost from home, work, or anywhere a computer and the web are accessible. Please contact EBSCO Publishing's Technical Support Department to set up any of the methods of authentication described below.

URL Referral Method: This method may be utilized by libraries already authenticating users. You will need a script on your web page that requires a user to log in with the library’s web server before entering EBSCOhost and other paid services. Once logged into your system, the user is granted access to EBSCOhost.

(Library Barcode) Custom Patron ID Filtering Method: Accommodates libraries utilizing many patron ID’s or Library card numbers. CPID uses library bar codes numbers (or other numeral identification) and set prefixes to authenticate patrons.

Customer Coordinated Authentication (Patron Files) : If a customer would like multiple user id (patron id's) and passwords then they can utilize Customer Coordinated Authentication. If you would like to use patron ids and passwords supplied by you, as opposed to the ones assigned by EP, you can view and change the list of patron ids and passwords within EBSCO admin.

Embedded URLIf your library shares an IP address range or proxy server with other libraries, you can create a URL that will target your library's account directly. Use this address, but supply your library's user id and password as indicated:

  • Creating a Desktop Shortcut: When you get to the EBSCOHOST screen, you can create a desktop icon using Windows. Click on the right-hand mouse button, then click on CREATE SHORTCUT, then fill in the Description (the label you want to use on the icon) and fill in the URL you used to get to the search screen.
Tech Support
  1. Documentation is available at Ebsco's Customer Support page
  2. Phone support is available at 1-800-758-5995 (Hours: Monday - Friday: 4 AM-8 PM, Saturday & Sunday: 9 AM-5 PM)
  3. Email support is available at:

EBSCOadmin (

  • Would you like to receive automatic statistical reports every month?
  • Would you like to change the order of databases, or create separate logins for groups of databases such as health or  business--or set up a separate login for each of the databases (Animals, AlthealthWatch, NewspaperSource, etc.)?
  • Would you like to change the default search settings, or add your library's logo to the search screen?

EBSCOadmin is the answer!  Usethe EBSCOadmin program for statistics and customized configurations.  EBSCOadmin provides library staff a wide range of capabilities for tailoring EBSCOhost to suit your library's particular environment. EBSCOadmin allows you to gather usage statistics and customize your screens in other ways.

  1. Login At:  When prompted, enter your Customer ID, and Password. (call SJRLC office for this information)
  2. The Users Manual for EBSCOadmin  contains further instructions. This user guide, as well as many more help sheets are available at:
  3. Ebsco's Training Page: including links to:
    1. EbscoAdmin online tutorial (with audio):
    2. More online tutorials
    3. Live online training is regularly scheduled.  Check here for times and signup information: (note: select the service that you would like to be trained on and you will be given an option for dates/times.)

Note:  EBSCOadmin is a program for statistics and administration only. You cannot get to EBSCOhost databases from this URL.

EBSCOhost database coverage

For an online list of the journal titles that each EBSCOhost database covers, check the EBSCO web page at

EBSCO Listserv

Want to get the latest from EBSCO on new features and upgrades, free marketing materials, and more?  Then subscribe to the EBSCOhost listserv. 

To subscribe, use the form at: 

Once you have subscribed, you will be able to receive important announcements and information about EBSCOhost.

Training and Marketing Materials

A variety of marketing and training materials are available through this link:

For more FREE training and support materials, see:

Publicize EBSCOhost to your library users and governing boards!

Encourage active use of this service in as many ways as possible--

Newsletter articles, brochures, bookmarks, and posters are all ways to announce this new service

In all materials, include the SJRLC funding statement:

South Jersey Regional Library Cooperative (SJRLC) is part of the New Jersey Library Network. SJRLC's services are funded from State tax funds appropriated by the New Jersey Legislature for the New Jersey Library Network.

Send copies of any publicity or comments from users to:

South Jersey Regional Library Cooperative, Paint Works Corporate Center,
10 Foster Avenue Suite F-3, Gibbsboro, NJ 08026, FAX 856-346-2839

Enjoy your EBSCOhost service!

Any Questions or comments?  Please email Peter Bromberg at

South Jersey Regional Library Cooperative
Paint Works Corporate Center
10 Foster Avenue - Suite F-3 Gibbsboro, NJ 08026
Phone: 856-346-1222  Fax: 856-346-2839  CDL Express# 3818 Directions to SJRLC
Karen Hyman, Executive Director:
Peter Bromberg, Program Development Coordinator & Web Master:

The South Jersey Regional Library Cooperative (SJRLC) is a multi-type library cooperative serving 600 member libraries in Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem counties. SJRLC is part of the New Jersey Library Network linking over 2500 libraries statewide. SJRLC services are funded from state tax funds appropriated by the New Jersey Legislature for the New Jersey Library Network.